My very slow and simple way I am hoping to break the habit of eating out way too much

Kicking the Habit of Eating Out Cooking in Homecooked Meals No Cook Freezer Cooking

We have eaten out far too much for far too long. If I am completely open and honest about our eating out habits (which I am going to be) it has been a couple of years, probably at least 3 years plus, where we have bought food out every single night and a lot of times breakfast and lunch in addition to dinner. We hardly ever actually go out to eat … [Read more...]

My Daughter Started Crawling and How I Felt About It

starting to crawl

I was standing in the kitchen prepping Tyler's g tube feed when I heard the rhythmic sound of determined little hands slapping the floor, steadily making progress towards their desired destination. I held my breath as the slapping stopped and a decision needed to be made. At a crossroads she sat, either go straight to discover the fun at the end … [Read more...]

Making it Work

Making blogging work

I've been away from blogging for quite some time now and I honestly really miss it. We went through a very busy season where I needed to find extra time. So I stopped blogging. Looking back I'm not sure blogging should've been one of the things I cut out. I think some tougher seasons we've gone through since I've regularly posted here would … [Read more...]

Reflecting and Reevaluating


I know a new year doesn't guarantee a change but I do think it's a great time to reflect and reevaluate things. As I reflect on this past year I realized I wasted A LOT of time on I don't even know what. For example I spent literally weeks and days and hours researching and agonizing over essential oil diffusers thinking they would be the cure … [Read more...]

I’m Back…and What We’ve Been Up To


It's been a long time since I've written here.  A whole lot has happened since my last post. Here's a bit about what we've been up too :-) First thing, Champion turned four years old! This means he has doubled the length his life was predicted by doctors to be, and I know he has many more years of birthdays to celebrate.In addition to … [Read more...]

Why and How I’m Making Exercise a Priority: Part 2 & A Giveaway


This post contains my affiliate link. I only recommend things I really like and I like what I'm recommending today so much I'm also giving away five of them.  Just leave a comment at the end of this post to be entered in the giveaway!  (Read Disclosure Policy here.) This is the "How" part.  Read the "Why" part here. I know exercise is good for … [Read more...]

Why and How I’m Making Exercise a Priority: Part 1


"We are going to have you change your diet and exercise but in the meantime you need to take one aspirin every day. You are at a high risk for a stroke or a heart attack." I was shocked when I got that report from my doctor.  An aspirin regimen?   High risk for a stroke or heart attack?  Wow... I had no idea my health was in that type of … [Read more...]

Adaptive Bike: Yes! {Or Maybe Not}


The sun shone brilliantly as its rays danced warmly across our skin. A soft breeze gently blew the fresh fragrance of fully bloomed flowers our way, bringing the delightful scent to our attention. The hum of children joyfully playing caressed our ears, evidence of the happiness around us. We looked lovingly at each other as Champion eagerly … [Read more...]

Decluttering Fest: An Annual Occurrence


This past week was my annual (sometimes semi-annual) decluttering fest. About every six months to a year I get an itch  to go through our entire place and toss toss toss (really we donate it, but you get the idea). Being organized is something that is really important to me, but its something that I have to work really hard at.  It doesn't come … [Read more...]

Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat