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From My BookShelf: May 2013  A Monthly Feature on Come find some new books and share some of your favorites

Welcome to From My BookShelf for the month of May 2013. From My BookShelf is a monthly feature where I share the books I read during the month and a short review of each book. My prayer is that you will find some great reads from my list and in return that you’ll share some of your favorites with me :-) 

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Books I Read In May

This month I read seven books. It was a glorious month of reading for me as my love for reading was re-kindled as I spent less time on Facebook.

Coincidently (or not so coincidently) one of the first books I read this month was:
 Unfriend Yourself: Three Days to Detox, Discern, and Decide About Social Media by Kyle Tennant.


The book is designed to be read over a three day period during which the reader stays logged out of all social media sites. The purpose is to give the reader a chance to re-think their relationship with social media and others. At the end of each chapter is a “challenge” to do, involving more face to face, real life interaction.The book examines social media in the context of Christian Theology and Doctrine.


I found it to be a really interesting read and it affected me more than I realized. I have spent drastically less time on Facebook since reading this little gem and in turn have seen some great benefits from it. In the end I decided not to completely forgo social media as it is a great way to stay connected to people I normally wouldn’t have the means to keep up with, however this book did help me to spend a healthier amount of time (which for me means way less) time on Facebook.

I recommend this book as a quick, thought provoking read.  I believe it is useful to help one examine their use of social media in the grand scheme of life.

The next book I read was Every Secret Thing (Legacy Series) By Ann Tatlock.


Every Secret Thing is a Christian Fiction book about a woman returning as a teacher to the preperatory school she attended as a girl. She returns to an old love, memories, and a mystery surrounding one of her former teachers that was never resolved for her when she was a student. She also forms a friendship with one of her students and they both learn some lessons from each other.


I enjoyed this book, however it wasn’t a complete page turner for me. I did, however,  always look forward to picking it back up when I had a few moments to spare. I think this is a good read if you’re looking for something with a good message and intriguing story that is on the lighter side.  (The subject matter dealt with in the book is a heavy topic, however the way the author has written it, it has a lighter feel to it.)

A few months ago I read A Room of My Own (Historical Fiction Best Sellers) by Ann Tatlock, the same author, and that one was a major page turner for me.  It’s a coming of age story that takes place during the Great Depression. Definitely recommend that one.

I also read Tiny Titan – One Small Gift (Journey of Hope)
 by Ann Yurcek


Tiny Titan is the story of the Yurcek family as their world was turned upside down when their daughter Becca was born with a very rare genetic syndrome called Nooman Syndrome.  The book chronicles Ann Yurcek, Becca’s mom, as she comes to grip with her daughter’s diagnosis, becomes her greatest advocate, and as the family plunges into poverty and back out again.  The effects on the family as a result of Becca’s special needs, as well as the effects on their finances and faith are all discussed and shared candidly


Reading books written by moms of children with Special Needs is always a moving experience for me. I can feel the pain expressed from the heart of the authoring mom as they write of the beginning of their journey. That pain and anguish of soul is a familiar one to me. In this book Ann Yurcek did a beautiful job expressing what finding out her child has a life altering diagnosis was like.  Throughout the book Ann continues to return to the theme that she started out as “just a mom” and how that definition of being a mom grew for her as she struggled with the challenges her family faced as a result of her daughter’s extreme needs.  This book spoke to my heart and soul as a fellow mom of a child with a rare genetic syndrome and it was hard for me to put it down.

I highly recommend this book. Its a memoir but reads like a novel. This family’s perserverence is very inspiring and moving.

I ended the month reading the Chronicles of the Kings Series by Lynn Austin.

 (Technically I finished the last book of the series in June but included it this month since it fits with the others)


The Chronicles of the Kings Series tells the story of King Hezekiah and his son Manasseh.   The first three books share how Hezekiah came to be king, the incredible losses and victories he faced and the journey of his faith. The final two books share the story of King Manasseh and chronicles his reign as King of Judah.    The books, considered biblical historical fiction, stay very close to the books in the Bible from which the series is derived.  The prophet Isaiah, as well as Elikiam, King Hezekiah’s right hand man, and his son Joshua are all characters in the series as well.


These books are among some of the best I have ever read.  For me, they helped the Old Testament of the Bible to come alive  as  truths hidden in history were unlocked.  Historical fiction is one of my favorites and biblical historical fiction is icing on the cake.  These books are well written too. Lynn Austin is one of my absolute favorite authors.  I always feel inspired after finishing her books and this series was no different.  She stuck very close to the story as told in the Bible and she has also done her homework, having done extensive research on the customs and way of life during the time period this series takes place.

Reading this series was a  transforming, transporting experience and I highly recommend these books! 

The majority of my reading is done on my Kindle Paperwhite, which I love!  I get A LOT of free kindle books by getting daily updates from  Don’t have an ereader?  You can also download the Kindle Reading app for your PC, tablet, or phone from Amazon.  

Let’s Talk!   What are some of your favorite books?  What good books have you read recently and recommend?  What are your favorite types of books to read?  I’d love to hear your answers in the comments! 

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  1. says

    The facebook book sounds really interesting! I have deleted my personal account twice now, but then about 6 weeks ago I started it up again, realizing that I needed a page for my blog. Social media is an interesting thing. It keeps us all connected, but it doesn’t really. I found that I was following people I would never talk to in real life, and reading about things that I honestly didn’t care that much about. Once I realized that it was more a drag on my life than something positive, I was able to move forward with social media in a different way. Now, I only have a few close real life friends, but use it as a tool in my blogging. It seems to be easier to get off and on the internet that way!

    Just found you through a comment at simple mom! Excited to go back through some of your other posts! I absolutely love reading, probably would do it all day every day if I didn’t have my kids to worry about :-) Hope to see you over at my blog!

    • says

      Hi Heather,

      Thank you for coming by! You and I sound pretty similar in our journey with facebook and social media. Its great as a tool but it is definitely something I’ve learned as it sounds like you have to that one needs to be careful with.

      Its always nice to “meet” a fellow reader. Looking forward to checking out your blog!

    • says

      The Lynn Austin series is fantastic. I have yet to read a book of hers that I don’t like! Thanks for coming by and sharing how much your friend liked the first book, too.

    • says

      God and Kings sat around in my kindle for a looong time before I started it. Once I did I couldn’t stop! I hope you enjoy the rest of the series too if you end up revisiting them :-)

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